Sabado, Mayo 26, 2012

What's next?? Clueless!

I want to know what is next for me.

My hub has done nothing so far but gave me laboratory tests.

I was asked to submit sputum samples again because they said my first samples' results were inconsistent. Actually I just asked one of the staffs there.

I also submitted my xray result which by the way led me to another xray because of the suspicious densities thinggy that they have seen in my first.

Just this afternoon, I had my second xray. This time it is a different view. They said this will confirm if my lungs have some sort of damage.

And now, I dont know what is next... Yeah,.. once I have the xray result I know I have to come back to Alabang and go to my hub.

I will have a talk with the doctor. I must ask about the ff.

1. My sputum test result.
2. If I need to start taking ARVS - My CD4 count is 358.
3. Why I have recurring cough and colds?
4. My xray result.
5. DO I have TB?
6. My back hurts a lot. DO I have osteoporosis?

Pls pray for me...


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  1. Praying for you.

    I went through the exact same thing in october last year.

    Xrays with nasty masses, in hospital for a week, because they thought I had TB (I didn't, it was PJP or PSP), and all sorts of dramas. My CD4 was down to 40. SCARY!!!!!

    I'm on ARVT's now, Atripila, and all my tests and results are pointing in the right direction. My CD4 is only up to 220, but it's getting better. At least my viral load now is non detectable.

    stay strong.