Huwebes, Mayo 15, 2014


I am in a phase of my life wherein I dont exactly know what I want and what makes me happy.

I am in an almost perfect *no issues/problems* committed relationship.

Our business is doing great. Although we are living way beyond our means. Truth of the matter is, we dont save, we earn to pay our debts. But hey, we eat more than 3 times a day. We are not starving. Bottomline, we are surviving.

However, recent events drive me really crazy. I am now starting to think the could have beens. Now I am reminiscing * a lot* the times I am independent and free to do what I want to do. Make decisions on my own, travel with my bestfriends, earn money, spend it and get drunk and all those type of crazy things.

I am in a CRISIS. And my SELF is corrupting my capacity to be sensible.

Palm Face Kevin! You have HIV and you must be grateful you are in a serious relationship. Okay so reality kicks in.