Martes, Mayo 01, 2012

Anticipating CD4

On Thursday I'll have a CD4 test. 

The CD4 count tells your doctor how strong your immune system is, how far HIV disease has advanced (the stage of the disease), and helps predict the risk of complications and debilitating infections. The CD4 count is most useful when it is compared with the count obtained from an earlier test.
The CD4 count is used in combination with the viral load test, which measures the level of HIV in the blood, to determine the staging and outlook of the disease.
The CD4 count is also used to identify possible health problems for which you may be at risk and to determine which medications might be helpful.

Just few seconds ago I posted a video about HIV and AIDS.. Something caught my attention..

Kaposis Sarcoma is one indication that your HIV has turned into AIDS..

I've been seeing this kind of lesion on my skin...

I just hope its not yet too late for me... HIV turned into AIDS is worse...

I am also praying and hoping that Chart's CD4 count is still okay...

God... whatever your plan is... it is causing me and Chart more pain...

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