Lunes, Mayo 14, 2012

Live like I dont have HIV

Hello readers! Im so sorry for being away for some time... Ive been busy this past few days.

Busy with a lot of things normal (meaning healthy) people do..

First, I was with Chart's family last weekend. It was a celebration of his mom's bday. I had a blast!
For a while I forgot both of us have HIV.

Also, I felt sad. You know that guilt feeling that someday Chart's family might blame me for they might think I infected him? I felt that.

Anyway, that should be the least of our worries for now.

Then, I was working out a lot the past days. It is part of living a healthy life.

I was informed Chart's lab tests came out and all were negative. I thank God for that.

Mine?? well since there was a delay, I am anticipating sputum test is positive. I mean I am prepared to hear worse.

But I know God will not give me something I wouldnt be able to endure.

Please include us in your prayers.

Love, Love, Love....

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