Huwebes, Mayo 03, 2012

Can things get any worse??

Chart's CD4 count is good. Thank God!
The normal threshold is 350... His CD4 count is 600. That means he is still okay. He wont need to take ARVs for the meantime.

Mine is 358. It is still okay.
However, the ppd test they gave me showed positive.
Meaning I am exposed to tuberculosis. They cant tell for now if I have TB or I am just exposed to it.
I have to wait for the sputum test result. Also, I have to have an XRAY taken.

I stared smoking when I was still in HS. The doctor advised I should stop smoking.
I had my last cigarette last night about 8:00PM.. Its like saying goodbye to your friend.
Smoking became my release when I am angry, sad,and in pain.

To quote Sir Walter Raleigh: Comes meus fuit illo miserrimo tempo 
(It was my companion at that most miserable time

I dont know how this could all be possible for me. But I know I really have to let you go!

I must not smoke. I know I will not smoke today. I must do it everyday.

So if I they tell me I have TB, my days are numbered.

Isnt that the purpose why I have HIV? So I can accept death?

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