Huwebes, Oktubre 04, 2012

Did HIV ruin my life? Nah! It made me a better lover, teacher, believer, son, brother and friend.

The more I spend each day knowing that I am might be dying, the more I realize that there are so many things that can be translated into reasons for wanting and fighting to live.

I want to have a list of things that changed me and my disposition ever since I took that life changing HIV test. 

I came up with my top three...

1. HIV made me closer to God.

- I believe God gave me HIV not to punish me but to make me value the gift He has given me - LIFE.

I should consider this a renewal of my faith with my creator. I became a christian and started attending praise and worship service every Sunday. I feel God's hand drawing me closer to him. I honestly feel redeemed and saved. I know I am still a sinner and will continue to sin everyday, but I know God will continue to understand and forgive me. The plans and purposes of God in regard to forgiveness are as far above those of people as the heavens are higher than the earth

2. HIV made me love Chart and his family.

- I wrote about Chart's family and our journey as HIV+ couple. I came to realize that HIV made me a better lover. Chart accepted my status (there is a big possibility that I infected him) and stayed with me. This is by far the greatest love I ever felt. I feel the love of his sister and mom too. And just recently his father and I are in speaking terms. (although I still feel awkward knowing that he disagrees with our relationship) His sister told me that they talked to Chart's father and they made him understand that what we have is a commitment. And that we really love each other. Had I not been infected, I believe I wouldnt be this committed and contented.

3. HIV made me find good in everything and everyone.

- Redundant it may sound but being HIV positive made me positive. I think knowing that everyday can be your last is a reason to celebrate each day. I now can look at everyone and can smile and say that life is indeed beautiful. And now, in every situation that may seem unfortunate for me is an opportunity to step up and do better.

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  1. blog like this makes me very upbeat despite the condition. keep the faith! :)