Huwebes, Hunyo 21, 2012

Goodbye Vocation

Chart and I decided it's better I quit my job. Teaching can be very stressful at times and I can't risk getting sick and compromising my immune system. I feel so scared and sad. Scared because I know there will come a day that I will miss my life in school especially my students. Sad because I have to give up what I love to pave way to doing something else. 

Chart is so positive that our plan to put up a business will work. And once it is up and running, he says I can go back to teaching because I won't have to worry about other things like household chores because we are going to get a house helper. May God bless and guide us with this.

Anyway, I am now taking ARVs... Doc said although my cd4 is 358 it is better I start taking antiretrovirals to help boost my immune system. 

It scared the hell out of me! I've heard scary stories about the many side effects of ARVs.. 

One side effect that scared me the most is rashes... I know pozzies who had almost perfect skin prior to taking arvs. Once they started taking, rashes came out. 

Good Lord! Its been 3 weeks now and no major-non tolerable side effects so far. Theres this feeling of wanting to vomit and spasm but both are tolerable to me. 

New Pozzy Friends...

Chart and I met new friends.. It's good to know other pozzies who are fighting the same enemy... We are all warriors,..

to Marvin, Joem, Bal, Steve, Brent, John, Inaki, Dan, and Mommy Kiara...

to my fellow bloggers and twittermates... 

Many Thanks! 

You are all included in our prayers..

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  1. Great news abt ur arvs. Keep it up... Welcome to our world. Keep on writing.