Huwebes, Agosto 02, 2012

In My Life

Okay... I watched this movie for numerous times, yet I am still moved... The movie made me realize how lucky Chart and I for having supportive family members (both sides).

Yes! Chart's Mom and Sis know about our status... My Mom and Sis as well...

I was so scared at first knowing his family might blame me because there is a big possibility that I infected him. (my cd4 is 358, his is 600+)

I was wrong. His mom made me feel accepted and loved. She didnt blame me and our sexual preference (meaning being gay). She said there are still things in life that can be called miraculous. That God will heal us or maybe sooner there will be a cure.

His sister accepts and loves me too. She said that because of our status, we shouldnt leave each other and always be supportive to each other.

All the more that Im loving Chart and his family. I believe God gave me a second family to make me realize that life does not stop on being HIV+. Because of my second family, I have the drive to be well and healthy. I dont want to be sick because I dont want them to worry. I want to prove to them that HIV is like diabetes and high blood nowadays. That we just have to be extra careful and healthier.

Chart and I also want to make our plans into reality because we want both of our families to be proud of us.
Same sex relationship is a commitment. We will celebrate our 4th anniversary on September and that is something we are so proud of. We want to prove to our families that we value our relationship and that what we have is not taboo.

My mom loves Chart. She has always been so supportive of our relationship. Everytime we have a tiff, she would always tell Chart to be patient with me and that she doesnt want me to end up with somebody new.

God thank you for Chart and his family. Thank you my Lord!

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